Tradition MB

Candles Tradition MB Inc., the leading candle manufacturer in Canada, has been based in St-Constant on the south shore of Montreal since 1896. The company is the result of the merger of Chandelles Tradition Ltée of Laval and Mailloux Baillargeon inc. of St-Constant. 

With the expertise acquired since 1896, Chandelles Tradition MB inc. has therefore developed over the years a genuine complicity with its customers in a multitude of sectors. Whether for liturgical products, commercial, private labels, subcontracting or exclusive creations, our flexibility will allow you to realize your projects at more than competitive costs.

Available ,

Pillars : 3×3  ,3×5,3×7,3×9  ,  2×3

Tapered , Column ,Silver/Gold Metallic Tapered or Twisted ,Punch

Palm candles 100% Natural Wax Cylindrical candles

with Variety of colors

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