Rosy Rings Botanical candle

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Rosy Rings started in my basement over 20 years ago. I poured my first candles with a tiny crockpot and a few dented molds. My ingredients – chunks of sticky beeswax, vials of fragrance and an assortment of dried flowers and fruit. After lots of trial and error, I finally knew I was onto something when I came up with the original Spicy Apple Botanical Candle.

Since those humble days things have changed a lot. I’ve traded my basement for a 30,000 square foot facility. We buy wax by the ton instead of the case. But some things have stayed the same since those early days. We still painstakingly hand-make each candle, right here in the USA. We’re still proud to support our local Denver, CO economy by employing a whole valuable team to make our candles and support the brand.

Living in an urban area and working in an industrial corridor I understand how difficult it can be to connect to the beauty of nature. Candlemaking has always been a way for me to bring elements of the outdoors into my home. A scoop of lavender, a humble bowl of dried leaves or an illuminated botanical candle are all small reminders of the beauty the natural world offers us.

We are so grateful for our customers’ continued support of our brand and we are committed to creating beautiful, handcrafted, unique products for them.

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