Pheylonian Mini-Lites & Votives

Pheylonian Mini-Lites & Votives

All of our Pheylonian candles are made from 100% pure beeswax. Mini-lites should always be burned on a heat resistant surface or in a proper sized holder. Votives should always be burned in a proper sized votive holder.


Customer requests are behind the development of this mini-lite set of 7 very special Chakra-Lites.

Enhance your meditations while balancing your chakras with the addition of the natural release of negative ions which help to balance and cleanse the air of toxins, pollutants, viruses, allergens, etc. Our pure cappings beeswax has been coloured with corresponding jewel tone colours.

The Finest Mini-Lites

Amazingly, Pheylonian mini-lites burn for up to 5 hours if burned for 1 to 3 hours at a time, or approximately 4 hours if burned non-stop.
Our metal mini-lite cups must be placed in a proper mini-lite holder or on a heat resistant surface, as the metal becomes very hot.

Our cupless replacements in bulk packages can be used in the metal mini-lite holders as a replacement candle thus saving money and recycling to save the environment.

Our clear mini-lites have high temperature acrylic containers. They are the preferred choice in clear glass and crystal candle holders. They are not reusable.

Our 50 packs of mini-lites ML56-MT-50 (Metal Cup) ML66-CL-50 (Clear Acrylic Cup) and ML76-NC-50 (No Cup) are not shown in the picture above, but are featured in our catalogue and shopping cart.


Our Standard Votives are elegant and practical. They are long burning and have self-trimming wicks, hence they need minimal servicing. If burned for 1 to 3 hours per use they will burn for up to 15 hours.

Votives should always be burned in a proper sized votive holder.

Votive Enviro Pack

Great for gift giving, this package is economically priced. Comes with one heavy duty decorative votive glass and three standard votives.

Product Code

Approx. Burn Time Hours




4 ~ 5

Set of 7 coloured mini-lites



4 ~ 5

Metal Cup, 10 pack


4 ~ 5

Metal Cup, 25 pack


4 ~ 5

Metal Cup, 50 pack


4 ~ 5

Clear Acrylic Cup, 10 pack


4 ~ 5

Clear Acrylic Cup, 25 pack


4 ~ 5

Clear Acrylic Cup, 50 pack


4 ~ 5

No Cup, 25 pack


4 ~ 5

No Cup, 50 pack

Mini-Lite Enviro


7 ~ 8

12 enviro-lites, refill for ML80 (Discontinued)



12 ~ 15

3 pack


12 ~ 15

10 pack


12 ~ 15

25 pack

Votive Enviro


12 ~ 15

1 glass with 3 votives

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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