About Us

Candle Emporium originally opened in the 1950s and was the first candle shop in Toronto, Yorkville avenue.
Many customers still visit us, from grandparents to grandchildren and we hope this will continue to next generation.
We carry various kinds of high-end candles from all around the world such as South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Belgium,
Sweden and USA, as well as Canadian fine candles.

Many of our candles are made of natural Beeswax and soy wax.

Pure beeswax candles emit negative ion into the air that destroy toxins which produce allergies, asthma attacks and other
environmental sensitivities. Pure beeswax candles produce golden halos which are actually visual “heat balls” that act similar
to a catalytic converter on a car absorbing its own carbons, as well as burning airborne toxins, viruses, amalgamate to provide
a unifying energy effecting consciousness and well-being.

Natural soy wax candles will bring comfort and luxury to your home. Whether you are looking to relax or rejuvenate, our

aromatherapy scented soy candles are a treat for the senses.